Our aims are to teach people how to ride safely, how to maintain their bicycles, and how to use bicycles for transportation.

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We collaborate with local and regional organizations to improve the quality and safety of bicycling in our community and region.


To offer a bicycle education - based workspace and advocate for bicycling to foster a healthier, safer, and more sustainable community.

Organization Overview

Although our work space is located in Bay Village, our organization is for everyone in the region, not just Bay Village residents. Village Bicycle Cooperative is a 501c3 designated non profit organization and is 100% volunteer-based. Formed in 2012 , it is located in the ground floor of the historic Community House in Bay Village.

From the onset we have collaborated with local organizations, city government. and businesses to help build community and encourage people to utilize bicycles for transportation, recreation, sport, and an all-around healthy lifestyle.

Our mission is centered around education and advocacy. Beyond that, and in line with our vision of creating a zero waste facility, the cooperative repairs donated bicycles and sells them back to the community or donates them to local charities. This keeps bicycles out of the waste stream, provides educational opportunities for volunteers, and allows the public to purchase low-cost bicycles. All proceeds help fund the cooperative.

We invite you to come visit our facility and encourage you to get involved! Please visit us at 303 Cahoon Road Bay Village, OH 44140 during open shop hours listed on our calendar.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

  • Recycling bicycles reduces wastestream

  • Increased bicycling reduces carbon emissions

  • Up-cycling from discarded bicycles again reduces wastestream and encourages CREATIVITY & PROBLEM SOLVING