Ways to Volunteer

Ways to Volunteer

There is plenty to do regardless of mechanical ability. Some ways to participate include:

  • Learning how to tune up bicycles by going through our checklist with a knowledgable mechanic

  • Collaborating with other volunteers to trouble shoot problems

  • Prepping or "parting out" donated bicycles

  • Making signs to communicate our mission statement that can hang in the shop

  • Developing projects for bicycle art classes and lessons to accompany those

  • Despoking wheels

  • Get involved with community out reach events or working with fellow advocates to promote a safe environment for bicycling

  • Be a part of the developing our organization by attending meetings and giving input to help develop programs, and services that we offer

For those with more knowledge about bicycle mechanics we would love to have you involved to work together with our current volunteer base. Currently we are recording the amount of time that you volunteer. In the future that time donation will be transferred into a credit amount that can purchase parts our cooperative!

If you have nay questions please email Jennifer at jennifer@villagebicycle.org

Before coming up for volunteer night, please check our calendar to make sure that one is being offered that week.