Bicycling Safety Tips

Bicycling Safety Tips


    • Ride in a position where drivers can see you and wear bright clothing.

    • Use reflective tape and/or clothing to add visibility. A reflective leg band can be used to increase visibility and help keep your pant leg out of the chain.

    • Make eye contact with drivers. Motorists may not notice you if you are coming from behind them at intersections on the sidewalk.


    • Make your intentions clear to motorists and pedestrians.

    • Check behind you when turning and scan ahead for potholes, debris, sewer grates, or animals.


    • Anticipate what drivers, pedestrians, and other bicyclists will do.

    • Watch for turning vehicles and those pulling out of driveways!

    • Slow down and use caution at all intersections.

    • Watch out for sun glare during dusk and dawn hours of riding. It can greatly impair drivers' vision!


    • Check tire air pressure, test brakes, chains should run smoothly, and quick release wheel levers must be closed tight, with lever tips facing the back of the bike. Check to make sure that the handlebars, front fork, and pedals are not loose. If problems exist, then DO NOT RIDE THE BIKE until it is repaired.

    • Carry repair and emergency supplies.

    • Wear a helmet!


    • Review the laws before venturing out. They exist to ensure that all users of the roads and sidewalks are safe. Bay Village bike laws can be found here: or are available in brochure format at Bay Village City Hall, Bay Village Library, and Village Bicycle Cooperative. Bay Village bike laws for roads are the same as state laws except that you cannot text and bike, you cannot have more than one earbud in your ear if you have on headphones, and you must ride single-file on Lake Rd.