Bay Village Bike Laws

Bay Village Bike Laws in Plain English


    • Sidewalk riding is allowed on all sidewalks, unless signs indicate otherwise.

    • Street riding is legal on all streets.

    • Parents must review all laws with their children.

    • Riding between sunset and sunrise, or when it is raining, requires a white light on front and red light on back. Both must be visible from at least 500 feet. Also required are a white reflector on front and red reflector on back.

    • Texting while riding is prohibited.

    • Earphones, if used, allowed in 1 ear only.

    • One person per seat.

    • Must have a functional brake.

    • Riders must have at least one hand on the handlebars at all times.

    • No attaching oneself to another vehicle.

    • A bicycle may be equipped with a device capable of giving an audible signal, except for sirens or whistles.

    • Park bicycles in a manner that avoids interfering with vehicular traffic, pedestrian traffic and does not block doorways to buildings. Use racks when provided.


    • Give audible warning when passing pedestrians or other bicycles.

    • Walk bike when sidewalks are congested with pedestrians.

    • Slow to a pedestrian speed when approaching a street crossing or driveway with occupied motor vehicles.

    • If approaching a blind person with a cane, dismount your bike and walk bike past that person.

    • Do not leave the sidewalk suddenly and enter the street without yielding right of way to vehicles on the street.


    • Obey all vehicular traffic laws, signs, signals, and lane markings.

    • Ride with traffic, NEVER against.

    • Ride as near to the right as is practicable and safe, but leave enough room so that you can veer right around obstacles. *Veering left around obstacles is dangerous because it puts you in the potential path of a passing motor vehicle.

    • When safe to do so, be predictable to others by riding in a straight line, avoiding unnecessary swerving or zig-zagging.

    • No trick riding.

    • When approaching an intersection, turn-only lanes should be used only if you intend to turn. Otherwise, ride in the right-most lane marked for your desired direction of travel.

    • No more than two abreast, except on Lake Rd. where you must ride single-file.

    • Yield the right-of-way to all pedestrians in the street.

    • Hand signals are required when turning or changing lanes, except when in a designated turn lane or if both hands are needed for the safe operation of the bicycle.


  • Allow a minimum of 3 ft when passing a bicycle. Allow a minimum of 6 ft passing if driving a commercial vehicle. (Ohio law allows vehicles to travel over a double yellow line to pass a vehicle moving at less than half the speed limit, but only if it can be done safely.)

    • Do not pass other vehicles, including bicycles, within 100 ft of an intersection.

    • When passing a bicycle, the motor vehicle must be a safe distance past the bicycle before making a right turn.

    • When turning left, yield right of way to bicycles approaching from the opposite direction.

    • Yield right-of-way to bicycles when opening car doors on the street.

    • Texting while driving is prohibited.

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